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After coming to Canada and getting married to a much older but very dynamic man, I thought for once my life becomes finally more settled.

After the waiting period to get my “permanent residence” status (Green Card for Canada), I was glad to start working again.

Although the outcome wasn’t what I had envisioned for me (a different country with its different rules made this very clear to me), I had accepted simply the fact that I was able, once again, to go to work.

And I was happy.


Finally, I was earning my “own” money again and didn’t need to ask for permission anymore to buy things.

The time, though, went by too fast and in less than 4 years I had to quit my job to be there for my husband’s ailing health.

After 3 years I felt not only restless but very depressed too. Taking care of a loved one is more difficult than being there for a stranger. I had to do something or…?

Therefore, I put my focus towards working online searching for opportunities to earn some money from home.

online marketing I must say, there are quite some online businesses out there.

Some are obviously a scam, others are very legit but only try to get you hooked.  

And by that, I mean promising you a FREE Webinar where you will get and learn all their tools and tricks to get going and making money, just like that, and easy too.

The hook is after you get all that excited and can’t wait to hear more about to get started, you have to sign up and pay first.

Then you will be able to use the new improved “real” course. So, here ends the dream of yours before it even has become a reality. 

I never had the money for it nor would I have got it from my husband, who doesn’t believe in earning money from any online business.

I was devastated and hit Rock bottom. Then one day I found a website calling themselves Wealthy Affiliate

I read through their information and before long had signed up.

I did that because it was FREE in the real sense of the word. The information was clear and honest too, no strings attached.

I had two choices:

1) being a FREE Member or

2) become a Premium Member

I stayed as a FREE Member for a while before I subscribed for a trial month and could see for myself what the advantage looks like to be a PREMIUM Member.

Here is a visual to make it easier for you to see the difference about both memberships.

You can see that both memberships have their advantages.

The Starter is a good one to get a feeling for it. You can create your own website with a niche you are feeling comfortable to write about.

And that’s not all, you can have 2 websites and both are for free.

The Premium, however, is the one you will have access to tools, courses, and classrooms non-stop. The beauty for me is the community itself.


All the members are so helpful with any question someone can have.

I always say: “Help is only a mouse click away” 🙂

I am so grateful for this community. I hope I have given you a taste of what will wait for you if you feel guided to take the plunge.

No commitments to anyone, only to yourself.

If you are a stay at home Mom, wife, daughter etc. taking care of your children, a sick or disabled loved one and therefore won’t be able to join the workforce outside of your home, then Wealthy Affiliate is the only true solution. No strings attached.

Try it out you have nothing to lose but only to gain 🙂 Feel Free to read through my Review on Wealthy Affiliate

If you have questions feel free to ask me by leaving a comment down below.

I like to help!!!

Truly Yours

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30 thoughts on “Getting Started”

  1. Your review of WA is excellent and should attract many, keep them in the site, and cause them to return to the site. Good job.

  2. Hi Sylvia, I really liked this page I’m not a woman but I still liked your story and how you was able be come independent, for me too the Wealthy Affiliate community is what stands out, I’ve never seen anything like It online, will be visiting your site again soon to see whats new.

  3. Hi Sylvia …I like your blog …very clear, conversational and personalised with your own background story. I am a premium member with Wealthy Affiliate and you are right about the community …there is always someone there and willing to help you out 24/7 …I have two websites now that I set up through WA in the first month …no way I could have done it on my own. The training and support have been outstanding. Good luck with your website.

    1. Hi Andrew,
      Thank you very much for your comment and I also do agree with you 100% that the Wealthy Affiliate community is just awesome.
      All the best to you too

  4. Hiyah Silvia,
    I think your site is awesome and we share a similar passion-helping women make money. The way you describe Wealthy Affiliate is spot on and I just wish everyone could get a sneak peak and see how much easier building an online business is than it’s cracked up to be. Much success to you lady 🙂

  5. Hi Sylvia:
    Thanks for sharing your story. I totaly agree with you about Wealthy Affiliate. I went through some of the same problems looking for a way to start an online business.
    I wish you lots of success and happiness. Audrey abellrings

  6. Hi Sylvia
    Great article, thank you for sharing this information. I like the way you explain everything about Wealthy Affiliate, now I feel that I can make a good decision.
    Thank you so much,

  7. Hi Silvia, how perfectly you wrote down the words THE COMMUNITY IS THE HEART OF
    WEALTHY AFFILIATE, quite right, the worldwide international community makes this online course so UNIQUE, see you back there, greetings Loes

  8. It was interesting to “hear” your story. I am pleased that you finally took matters into your own hands. My situation is similar except it is my mother. She isn’t in bad health but her memory is not quite what it used to be. I moved in at first because I am a lazy bum who didn’t feel like working hard anymore. Spent all my time messing around online. I figured I better find a way to make it pay or my mama would make me go get a real job. So after much research I too joined WA and found it extremely satisfying. I currently enjoy premium membership abd all that entails. It entails a lot!! so I just wonna say I highly recommend this program to anyone getting started online. Good fortune to you!

  9. Glad to hear you found a way to make money to be happy as most of I think really enjoy it. Great breakdown on the Wealthy Affiliate opportunity.

  10. Hi Sylvia,

    Reading your story makes you realise that when you have the determination to fulfill a dream, in your case having a successful online business, when you keep going you will eventually land in the right place!

    I noticed that you are a certified Reiki Master and Law of Attraction practitioner among other things and I think it would be really great to learn more about this in the form of blogs here on your site. I dare say you already have plans for what to do!

    I think you put across the opportunity to try Wealthy Affiliate in really natural way and I like that – knowing that you are a ‘real’ person. By the way Wealthy Affiliate is a great program for anyone wanting to have a business online!

    Best wishes, Janice

    1. Hi Janice,
      Thank you so much for your input and suggestion. I certainly will tent to it in time.
      Best wishes to you too. 🙂

  11. Silvia,
    I really like the fact that you have told me about your life at the same time telling me why Wealthy Affiliate is so important to you at this time. Personalizing your page will go along way to connecting with people immediately. You have quiet a story to tell and some of it is unique to your situation , but a lot of it fits others life as well. I have been doing business online for quiet some time now and I can assure you, if you are a premium member you are getting some outstanding instruction and direction as to how to make money by article writing or blogging or owning a business in whatever the niche. You over all site sends a simple message to “Moms Working From Home” that it can be done if your persistence in your quest to succeed. The end benefits are outstanding ones. My advice is don’t try to eat the elephant all at once, but bite by bite it will get done.

    I did not see any post that were written and I would like to encourage you to do that. If have some post I did not see them visible, although it is possible that I over-looked them.

    The Google spiders with blogs etc. love them as well as comments and will have a field day with your site when that happens and that is good. I hope this comment is of good essential information. Good quality comments are very important as you well know.

    A few tips:

    1. I would add a related site plugin.
    2. I would add a Contact me page.

    I have left a few questions, so there can be a little dialogue between you and me so that will help as well.

    Google likes comments and a dialoque between parties. If the spiders notice the questions are answered

    then they will notice the dialogue.

    I have a few questons:

    1. Silvia, do you have kids yourself and how old are they?
    2. You mentioned that you found some online business were scams and some legit. I would like to know if you can remember the legit ones? There are legit ones out there , but like you there are so many bad ones that you feel everybody is trying to scam you and that is not so.
    3.What is it that you have learned at WA that you did not know previously?

    But hey, what I have to say about your site is Wow. It’s looking great and your doing super.

    As for me, I would like for you to visit or or and leave some comments as
    Silvia, I enjoyed it today and thanks for the invite.

    1. Hi Manuel,
      Thank you very much for your constructive comment it is very appreciated. I will think about your suggestions and to answer your three questions 1) No I don’t have children only grown up step-children, never raised them though.
      2) I have searched over the years on and off but never kept the site or records after I was done with it and learned it was something which doesn’t get me anywhere
      3) To be honest, everything. I have no previous knowledge how to start or create an online marketing business. Therefore I am grateful, excited and eager to learn.

      Yes, I am in with helping each other to make the online world a better place.
      Wishing you too the very best.

  12. Hi Sylvia

    I like the content on your site. You break it down in a way that is easy to understand. I agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate is non shady and that this is the place where you would find all the training you need to be successful online. I also notice that they don’t have an up-sells which is very encouraging and not typical of most places that I have worked with losing money in the process.

    I would recommend anyone reading this post to sign up for a free membership. They will eventually upgrade. It would be crazy not to do so after you see the benefits when you have a real desire to get financial freedom.


    1. Hi sylvia,

      Cool review ,Wealthy Affiliate is an excellent starting place when it relates to earning money online .This looks taking very long time to earn money blogging those ways before find out WA .

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