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Hi, my name is Sylvia, and I am a woman who has struggled way too long to make ends meet.
Sylvia Mann


I worked all my life, like most women do, to create for myself a decent living. I have worked long hours as a Geriatric Nurse in Nursing Homes and other facilities.

Over the years I have missed out on so many things like family reunions, celebrating Holidays and Birthdays and much more, because I had to work.

Back then I was full of enthusiasm and even didn’t mind at all about the inconvenience my job has given me.

As years went by, and after losing a second long-term relationship, because of my long working hours, I knew something was horribly wrong.

Well, making a long story short I eventually got married and have moved the long way from Germany to Canada, just to be with my husband and his two lovely children. 

The years with my husband, who is much older than I am, been short when he went ill. I quit my job as a Nurses Aid to be completely there for him.

With this decision of mine came along a huge setback as well losing my financial independence.

This may sound unfamiliar to some women, but for those who know what I am talking about will do understand what it means.

At first, it was hard, but as I always do I have adjusted to the new situation. Not happy, but then again I had other things to be concerned about.

My thoughts, however, never left the issue. I searched for opportunities online, tried “FREE” webinars and training sessions, just to discover, when I got more interested, that I have to pay now to get more information.

And, of course, I didn’t have the money.

I earned a few bucks now and then by giving Reiki sessions and other healing modalities, but I never could make enough money to pay for things I wanted or had a desire for.

Until one day I came along a website called

Wealthy Affiliate

 And not long before, I have found myself at their website and starting their FREE training program. And yes, they are free in the word’s meaning.

I am thrilled and still am to this day.

Success, however, doesn’t come overnight, and they tell you that right from the get-go. I like their honesty.

That’s why I have created this website to encourage every stay at home woman (and man) who likes to have some personal income without leaving their home.

You have really nothing to lose but everything to gain. 🙂

How to do it see my next page “Getting Started

Wishing you always the best 🙂

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4 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Good Morning Sylvia,

    Reading your life story I see we have some things in common.
    I gave up my job when I was 36. That included my independence. It was not all bad but for 14 years I did enjoy my farm but had no car, no money and neither a holiday. Somebody had promised to take care of me but looking back I must admit I had expected a bit more.

    Many years forward after a rather bad relationship and getting myself into a legal mess which has not finalized after 10 years my life has changed a lot. I am happy to say for the better so that shows one should not give up. I am now 69, have a new relationship since 2015 and things look a lot brighter.

    I stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate in January 2017 and a new adventure started. There you see, one never is too old to start something new in life.

    Wishing you all the best.

    Regards, Taetske

    1. Thanks, Taetske, for your lovely comment and if one thinks about it, we humans have many similar experiences which should make us more understandable for each other’s problems and concerns; knowing what the other person had gone through as well.

      Personally, age is nonexistent for me, although of late I will feel my joints a bit more than I would like to. “lol” However, we will only feel the way we like to feel and right now I am doing some good exercises especially for women over 50. There you go 🙂

      Always nice to hear from other people

  2. Hi Sylvia,

    Just visited your site and read your about me and felt compelled to leave a comment.
    Even though I’m a guy, I found a lot of value in your information and wish you much success with your online future!

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