Are Women less Ambitious?



Is it true that women are less ambitious than men and actually do prefer to stay at home and raising the kids?

Even though everyone is entitled to his and her own opinion, I do ask myself sometimes how voicing such an opinion can stir up some big controversy.

A writer with the name Gavin McInnes, and by choosing a platform like “Fox News“, it almost does make sense to me that he makes remarks like: “women are less ambitious and would be happier staying at home“. 


This multitasking has also been the reason why there is such an earning gap between men and women because women just don’t care, so McInnes says.


Are we really don’t care?

He further explains that a woman would rather go to her daughter’s piano recital than working all night.

That’s why women do earn less; and besides, he says, this is God’s way (like he really knows what is God’s way on this subject) and it is natural that a woman stays at home and raising the kids.

Besides, they are happier that way anyway.god bless ambitious women

When a chauvinistic man like Gavin McInnes makes a statement like this, I can see that feminists will explode immediately.

Although I don’t agree with McInnes’s point of view, neither do I agree with the radical view of the opposite sex.

It just doesn’t help the matter and in my opinion, won’t solve the issue or anything else.

We all do love our “free speech of expression” and in a real democracy, we have to learn how to deal with it, period.

There are different ways to be Ambitious

Nevertheless, back to the statement that women are less ambitious than men are. I personally think there are different ways to be ambitious.

Men, in most of the cases, have only one job. This one job is their whole ambition whatever they want and can achieve with it.

This can be a 9 to 5 job, a 12-hour shift work, or any extra/ overtime (even losing out on family time, weekends etc.)

A woman, when staying at home (free or not) has a 24 hour day.

It never ends, or does it? A woman will take care of the household by cleaning, doing the laundry, grocery shopping etc.

Helping the children with homework and all their out of school curriculum, doing the cooking (prep and after clean up), perhaps also will take care of the garden when she has one.

We can do it

After her husband comes home, her work is still not over. She listens to him, will comfort him when he needs it, and will praise him when everything went well.

This usually won’t be the case the other way around. Women, still to this day, are not being fully recognized with their work they do from home. There is no such thing as a 9 to 5 job for us.

Women most of the time never really catch a break, but don’t be fooled by TV shows like “The Real Housewives from…” This isn’t the reality most women face on a regular basis.

A woman working from home is as much ambitious as her male counterpart. A woman sometimes shifts “her” ambitions towards a loved one and helps them to excel and succeed. Their success is her success as well.

A working woman, who is engaged in her work, away from home, will be as much ambitious as any man. Sometimes even harder with more persistence than any man will give her credit for.

That’s why the learning has to be equal too, no questions.

Are you ambitious?

Would love hearing from you and your opinion on this subject. Please leave a comment below.

Always have a wonderful day 🙂

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Author: Sylvia M.

Sylvia M. is a certified Holistic Energy Practitioner and started to work with alternative healing modalities like Reiki and Body Talk when she was still working as a Geriatric Nurse. However, to look after her ailing husband she had to make the decision and to leave the outside workforce. She is now working from home have learned the ABC of Affiliate Marketing through the platform Wealthy Affiliate. Sylvia is determined to give every "stay home woman" the same opportunity so they can too earning money from home.

6 thoughts on “Are Women less Ambitious?”

  1. WOW is all I can say! Who would even have the nerve to say that women are less ambitious than men? I have always been an ambitious person, and I worked 20 years until I retired. While I was working, I raised 2 children, finished college and then took care of the home. Men don’t get it. Especially Gavin McInnes! What a chauvinistic pig!

    1. Thanks for your comment and insight, so appreciated.

      Yes, even in our day and age, unbelievable, we still have to have these kind of discussions.

      Hardliners like Gavin McInnes will never change their view.

  2. Very thoughtful post. I can completely agree with you, it’s ridiculous to think that women are less ambitious than men. My wife is an extremely ambitious and accomplished woman. She certainly lacks for no ambition. It equally idiotic to think men are less ambitious than women. It’s not an issue between the sexes, it’s up to the individual.

  3. Wow. I can’t believe someone would actually say that and believe it. Women being less ambitious. Really? As a mom who works from home, I feel like we are equally as ambitious if not more. Yes, our families are our first priorities, but I want to be able to provide for my children everything they could ever hope for. This is one of the reasons that I decided to go into business for myself in the first place. It allows me to be with my family and provide for them.

    1. Thanks for your comment and your input on this article.

      Yes, unfortunately, some opinions are still out there that says that women are less ambitious.

      I guess, modern women really won’t care about these opinions anymore, but I thought, it would be still good to mention it.

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