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The Series: How to Run a Business from Home Part One -Daycare-


In this series, I like to show you how you can run a business from home in different occupational categories.

Today, I talk about DAYCARE.

Do you have children of your own or just love children?

If this is the case and you want to have a business by working from home, this could be something you might consider doing.

Taking care of children certainly requires absolute a matured attitude on your part. Taking care of someone else’s child involves lots of responsibilities and honest commitment.

After all, you are responsible for the children’s safety and well-being when they are in your custody. Continue reading The Series: How to Run a Business from Home Part One -Daycare-

Don’t Fall Prey to Online Appeal Scams



People to this day can fall prey to online appeal scams and it does happen more often as you might think.

However, even in this day and age with all the knowledge we have about scams and frauds, it still will happen.

By now you might think, there are so many warnings out there that it should be almost impossible to become a victim of something like, falling prey to an appeal for a disaster, which isn’t legit.

Well, as you will find out soon it does happen. Continue reading Don’t Fall Prey to Online Appeal Scams

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How easy it is for any Woman to create a Website

I need to write this to make a point that women are able and capable to create their own website,  may it be for a business, a personal reason or any reason there is, It doesn’t matter.

I will show you in this post how easy it is for any woman to create a website if she wants to, without being laughed at.

Why having a Website, to begin with?

 A website is a platform you will create for yourself where you will be present and even get noticed through another platform called the internet.

Having a website gives you lots of possibilities to introduce a product you like to sell or a service you have to offer, by being noticeable to the public.

Continue reading How easy it is for any Woman to create a Website

What is a Niche?





What is a Niche?niche-a-group-of-people

A niche is a group of people looking for the same products or services they have an interest in and therefore being in the market to find the answers for what they are looking for.

niche-automotiveWhat can be a Niche?

Everything under the sun can be a niche, using the alphabet from A – Z, like:

A = Automotive

Z = Zucchini recipe


How do I find the right Niche?

First, you need to know about the niche you have chosen. You need to be able to know the content it represents; also to improve and widen your knowledge about. Continue reading What is a Niche?

How to Create a Website






 How to Create a Website?wordpress-website

First, you need to find a reliable, non-expensive, Website Hosting Platform like:

  • WordPress
  • Wix
  • GoDaddy and more

Most of these hosting platforms have a Free Website option, which is always good when you are just starting out because there are No Costs involved.

website-themeFinding the Right Website Theme

There are thousands of website themes you can choose from, but when you go with the Free website option and not a paid one, you will have limited access, meaning, you only can choose from a half a dozens or so.

Which is still pretty good, though. Continue reading How to Create a Website