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What is a Niche?

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What is a Niche?niche-a-group-of-people

A niche is a group of people looking for the same products or services they have an interest in and therefore being in the market to find the answers for what they are looking for.

niche-automotiveWhat can be a Niche?

Everything under the sun can be a niche, using the alphabet from A – Z, like:

A = Automotive

Z = Zucchini recipe


How do I find the right Niche?

First, you need to know about the niche you have chosen. You need to be able to know the content it represents; also to improve and widen your knowledge about. Continue reading What is a Niche?

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How to Create a Website

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 How to Create a Website?wordpress-website

First, you need to find a reliable, non-expensive, Website Hosting Platform like:

  • WordPress
  • Wix
  • GoDaddy and more

Most of these hosting platforms have a Free Website option, which is always good when you are just starting out because there are No Costs involved.

website-themeFinding the Right Website Theme

There are thousands of website themes you can choose from, but when you go with the Free website option and not a paid one, you will have limited access, meaning, you only can choose from a half a dozens or so.

Which is still pretty good, though. Continue reading How to Create a Website

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When a Woman earns more Money than her Man, will there be a Problem?

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You bet it will. When a woman does earn more money than her man, this certainly will create tension. 



We women are yet being set up in the “old” ways, extending back for centuries. The woman stays at home, taking care of the house and the children, the man goes out of the house and brings in the money.

He also will be most of the time the one who says how the money will be spent. He gives his wife a weekly, bi-weekly or a monthly budget she has to take care of. 

Not only will she buy the groceries, but perhaps has to pay the bills as well.  A thrifty woman then will still even put away some dollars for “special” occasions.



All these centuries, women usually never really asked about their role as a wife and partner, and it seems to me that it will not or perhaps never die out completely.

Women in the old days when financially independent had either inherited that money or had an occupation that supported them well, without the need of being married.

Simply there is change

Younger couples nowadays are getting along better. The salary gap isn’t that huge anymore as it was 2 decades ago. Yet, there is still tension, even in today’s relationships, when the woman earns a substantial more money than her man.

I suppose when you research the internet, you will see many articles from psychologists and other masters who will address this topic in more depths.


Be confident and proud of yourself

When you are a woman who delivers an outstanding career and realizes her good share of the money, is proud of your achievement.

Don’t let yourself being brought down by somebody you love and trust, simply because their ego isn’t mature enough.

A “real” man will never be threatened by the success and the money his wife brings to the table.

My Experience

I too know the feeling both ways. I wrote about myself and situation, you can read more here.

That’s why I have joined Wealthy Affiliate to not only create my visions but also have the platform to bring them to fruition.

Maybe, it is time for you as well to do the same.

What are your experiences about to earn and have your own money and perhaps a higher salary as your partner?

You can drop me a comment below.

Wishing you always a wonderful day 🙂

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Online Business Ideas for Stay at Home Women

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If I look things up on the internet about online business ideas for stay at home women, I do find all kinds of phrases referring to only one thing “stay at home Moms”.

This isn’t however, my main goal, of creating a website. Successful women working from home are not just “Moms”, although I do agree that they have the biggest percentage of all “stay at home women”

stay at home mom

I like to show you now, that there are certainly lots of online business ideas out there for stay at home women, no matter what their reasons are, to begin with. Continue reading Online Business Ideas for Stay at Home Women

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Important Steps to follow to work Successfully from Home

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There are indeed important steps one should follow when working from home. Being successful in your work is crucial, especially when working from home.

You might think that it should be much easier working from home than working a 9-5 job, being watched by the “evil eye” of your boss.


Think Twice! Being successful with your work from home can have its pitfalls too, but when you implement these steps I am writing about, you can avoid hair pulling and exhaustion on a much lower level.  Continue reading Important Steps to follow to work Successfully from Home

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