Don’t Fall Prey to Online Appeal Scams



People to this day can fall prey to online appeal scams and it does happen more often as you might think.

However, even in this day and age with all the knowledge we have about scams and frauds, it still will happen.

By now you might think, there are so many warnings out there that it should be almost impossible to become a victim of something like, falling prey to an appeal for a disaster, which isn’t legit.

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Some useful Steps to Protect Yourself from Fraud & Scam

Here are some useful steps to protect yourself from any fraud or scam there is. I do believe if you follow pursuit that you will be more secure than before.


We all hear and read it in the media on a daily basis about data breaches, identity theft, telephone fraud and online scam, you name it.


Unfortunately, our constant new improved technology isn’t just a blessing for our personal use but will give fraudsters also a huge advantage and opportunity to refine and improve their criminal approach to get our well-earned money into their pockets.



According to a report from Javelin Strategy & Research’s 2015 Identity Fraud Study, swindlers and hackers have “earned” $ 16 billion from 12,7 million U.S citizens in 2014.

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