How easy it is for any Woman to create a Website

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I need to write this to make a point that women are able and capable to create their own website,  may it be for a business, a personal reason or any reason there is, It doesn’t matter.

I will show you in this post how easy it is for any woman to create a website if she wants to, without being laughed at.

Why having a Website, to begin with?

 A website is a platform you will create for yourself where you will be present and even get noticed through another platform called the internet.

Having a website gives you lots of possibilities to introduce a product you like to sell or a service you have to offer, by being noticeable to the public.

website template

You also can use a website as a blog. Again, this can be for business or personal reasons. Many professional bloggers out there, who now make a living from voicing their opinions to the world, once have started from scratch as you do.

There are many website platforms to choose from and doing your diligence by searching for the right one for your business is crucial. This website of mine is done with WordPress and I am very happy with it.

Here are some aspects of having a website:

  • Having a website is the main platform where you will represent your business, being a retailer, an entrepreneur or just for fun. Through a website, you will get noticed.
  • Choosing the right Design & Look for your website can make a huge difference in being professional.
  • a website needs to be easy for the visitor to navigate through.
  • Also, the load & speed time of the website can be a deal breaker, no one likes to wait too long to see the site finally showing up.
  • Having quality content is also very crucial. When you do know your niche and you have lots to tell and to offer, it is important that you show these things by creating quality content.
  • Updating, editing and adding new content and media on a regular basis and by that I mean almost daily, is one important key you can’t miss to have a successful business.

Where to find Free Websites?

website template

There are quite a few to choose from and probably you have heard about them in the media. or are just a couple of thousands of Free website platforms you can find on the internet. Some of them like GoDaddy or Wix will even do the hosting for your domain.

I use and both my websites having the same theme, which is also a pre-designed template but being customized by myself for each of my sites.

Pre-designed templates are important when you have no prior knowledge how to do it by yourself. Everything is pre-designed, the only thing you have to do is to fill in your precious and quality content.

Everything is explained step by step and therefore easy to follow.

Benefits of using WordPress

  • You don’t need any knowledge of how to use HTML codes (which is very important to me, because I have no clue about these things)
  • Easy to use and to set up
  • You can choose your web design from thousands of templates
  • And there is a great support community, which will help you whenever you need it
  • Watch Video:  Create a website in under 30 Seconds
  • Read here about the options you have to promote your business

I hope I took the fear or uneasiness off in creating your own website. You can do it!!!

If you have any questions than just leave a comment below, I will get to you.

Have a wonderful day

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Author: Sylvia M.

Sylvia M. is a certified Holistic Energy Practitioner and started to work with alternative healing modalities like Reiki and Body Talk when she was still working as a Geriatric Nurse. However, to look after her ailing husband she had to make the decision and to leave the outside workforce. She is now working from home have learned the ABC of Affiliate Marketing through the platform Wealthy Affiliate. Sylvia is determined to give every "stay home woman" the same opportunity so they can too earning money from home.

10 thoughts on “How easy it is for any Woman to create a Website”

  1. Hi Sylvia, a nice easy read! Yes women can create their own web site. (On fact, women can do anything) My daughter started one on WordPress. Online business is certainly a great way to start a profitable business and it allows one time flexibility. One can work 2 hours a day or 4 or whatever. Income will be proportionate to the effort and time invested.

  2. Hello Sylvia,
    WOW, you make it seem so easy. More power to women and their efforts. Thank you for this article. I found it very inspiring and motivating.
    I will certainly check out some of the sites you mentioned. Who knows, maybe one day you will find yourself on my site!
    Continued success on your journey.

  3. Gone are the days when there were just a hand full of people that build website. Now anyone can build a website from the comfort of their homes without having to spend all of that money.

    This is really a great time in which we live to be able to take advantage of all of these wonderful opportunities. Great post and very detailed.

  4. Absotively posilutely no bouts adoubt it. The
    website is how EVERYTHING not just businesses are going to be done within another 5-10 years. From submitting a resume to having a bank account to having heat and running water. Gots to know how to properly construct a website. Good article. Many folks are going to be in for a shock in a few years because they don’t get this.

  5. Thank you for this great article Sylvia and it really does show women just how easy it is to make their own website and how good they can make it look.

    I certainly know that I would have been drawn in by this and want to know what it is about if I come across it. You have gave really good information without giving too much.

    I do always think that in this day and age women should not have to feel that they cannot have their own website. We are all supposed to be equal.

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