Is there any Truth why Women might be Afraid making Money from home

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Unfortunately, I can’t remember where I read this headline, it was years ago and I wondered, even back then, why someone is thinking about the fact if there is any truth about women being afraid of making money from home?

I found this totally bogus and actually untrue too. Women are not afraid of anything, they are just a bit more cautious in what they doing. At least this will be the truth for the vast majority.

The difference between Men & Women in the Business world

A man is mostly more aggressive when he wants something and will choose his “weapons” accordingly to get it. I am talking here purely in a metaphorical way, by aggressive, I certainly don’t mean beating his way through life or shooting down everything which stands in his way.

Although, these things do happen almost on a daily basis, not only on the streets by gangs but in corporations around the globe too.

You can stab someone physically in the back and will end up in jail or you can stab someone in the back and eventually will get the desired promotion/position etc.

By now you get the drift what I am saying. No offense though to the male population. 🙂

However, besides the facts that there are women out there who are almost on the same level with their male counterparts by doing anything and everything to get the promotion or position they desire, the majority of women is in that regard still a bit more moderate almost passive.

wonen in the coporate world

Why is that? I don’t really know for myself, but women are still the more nurturing part of the two genders and perhaps have to think about other things too and not only pure business.

Never underestimate a Woman

However, whatever a woman’s reason might be to achieve her goal, she too will do everything in her power to get there where she wants to be. Her ways may be a bit curvier than just of being a straight line.

Too many things have to be considered, especially when she is a Mother or the caregiver of a loved one.

Whatever a woman’s personal reasons might be, she too can reach her goals and can establish a wonderful and a successful career, even from home.

To make Money from Home requires?

Not much to be honest. I wrote an article on what kind of jobs a woman can work from home, read more here.

But if you don’t fall into one of these categories you always can choose an affiliate program like Wealthy Affiliate and start from there.

It is easy and most of all it doesn’t cost you anything when you get started. The only equipment you will need are

  • A computer or laptop
  • An internet connection

further, you will need

  • A passion or interest of yours called a niche
  • A website
  • A hosting platform for your website
  • An affiliate program

These steps are easy to get and to do. Please read more here.

My two Cents

A woman may be not as ruthless when it comes to making a career for herself and I am not saying that every man is ruthless, to begin with.

I am saying that there are different approaches both genders prefer to get there where they want to be, as well by choosing their “weapons” to do so.

Women are more cautious because they have to think of other people too. This makes us women still high maintenance multitasker, balancing career, family, household and much more.

multitasking woman

We can’t just afford to be selfish and only focused on our careers. Again, some women might be doing it like a man, but most of us are still have to be more considered by choosing our ways and tactics.

I would like to know how you as a woman is handling her daily life? What does works for you and what doesn’t?

Please, leave a comment below. 🙂

Wishing you always success in what you are doing!

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2 thoughts on “Is there any Truth why Women might be Afraid making Money from home

  1. Sylvia,
    You make some very good points here. Most women are less assertive than most men (obviously there are many exceptions) and whether this is programmed behavior or just our nature. On the other hand, I think that most women are better multi-taskers and have better people skills. I have been self-employed for the past 25 plus years and find that is what works best for me. I haven’t missed that obnoxious former boss for a second and actually give him credit for giving me the reason to start working for myself. I’ve been able to raise three children while working from home the whole time they were growing up and for me this was huge! Nice article!

    1. Thank you Erica!

      You comment certainly sums it up that every woman can work from home, earning more than enough money to support her loved ones, and can be successful. Yes, I do see it the same way that you have to thank actually your former boss, so you could do this step into self-employment.

      This is certainly very encouraging, appreciated 🙂


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