My 2015 Wealthy Affiliate Review

Updated on September 2017





  • Product Name:   Wealthy Affiliate
  • Overall Ranking:   98 out of 100  
  • – 100% Legit-
  • Price:    $ 0 Starter Membership
  •                 $ 49 Premium Membership
  • Owners:  Kyle & Carson
  • Website:

kyle & carson-wealthy affiliate-


Wealthy Affiliate is an Online Marketing platform for newcomers and professionals alike. It delivers the necessary tools to succeed in any online business there is. With the help of the owners and a strong community anyone can be successful in pursuing a career in Online Marketing.

The Pros of being a Starter Member at Wealthy Affiliate

    • For Starters, it is FREE and this is in the real sense of the word, NO Gimmicks!
    • Life Support for the First 7 Days
    • You will get with your Starter Membership 2 Websites for FREE in WordPress
    • You have access to a Beginner Training Course
    •  Access to the Affiliate Bootcamp Training -Phase 1-
    • There are Video Walk-Throughs
    • Access to 2 Training Classrooms
    • One-on-One Coaching for the First 7 Days
    • Access to the Affiliate Program
    • Best For: Newbies

The Pros of being a Premium Member at Wealthy Affiliate

  • Unlimited Life Support
  • Unlimited Private Messaging
  • Access to Life Video Classes
  • Access to 12 Training Classrooms
  • Access to the Affiliate Bootcamp Training -All Phases-
  • 50 Websites and Hosting
  • Unlimited One-on-One Coaching
  • Access to the Affiliate Program with 2x Higher Payout
  • Best For: Those Ready To Earn Newbies and Experts alike

The Cons of being with Wealthy Affiliate

  • Loss of Time when working at the site
  • More leftovers for the family to eat
  • You might even have to schedule quality time for your loved ones 🙂

Actually, there isn’t a real negative to be worth to mention when it comes to being with Wealthy Affiliate. It is always up to you how much time you like to spend and how much personal effort you want to put in in achieving your goals of having a successful online career.

The ball is in your court!ball in your court

Who it is Wealthy Affiliate for?

If you are a total newbie to the online business (like myself), to join Wealthy Affiliate is the most secure way for you to try it out. No strings attached!!! If you have been scammed before through other “Quick Rich” sites and even have lost money, joining Wealthy Affiliate will help you to recover and heal the wounds and build new trust. You can Do it!

If you are already an expert in online marketing, but missing a strong supportive community, going with Wealthy Affiliate should be a no-brainer to you. You will find like-minded people and your expertise will be a huge asset to others too. If you like to help others getting on their feet, then this is for you.

It doesn’t matter from which background in life you are coming from, the only thing who does matter is your desire and your determination in building and sustaining a successful thriving online business. After all, you are your own Boss.

Training & Tools Overview

When I first got interested in pursuing an online business I researched a lot and did here and there some Free online Webinars. This was not so bad in the beginning, the downside, however, was the hunger you had developed and didn’t get it satisfied. No, wait a minute, only if you are paying the course price (mostly in the high hundreds or even thousands) which will give you all the tools you need to be successful.

Here at Wealthy Affiliate you are certainly getting it, even as a Starter for Free. I do have to be honest, with a Free Account you will have some limitations still in comparison with the Premium Membership. But nevertheless, you will get valuable information to start from scratch, your personal online business, and this is the TRUTH!

As a Premium Member you have lots of programs and trainings to choose from. There is the “Getting Started” Course where you can implement the newly learned skills towards your own niche, whatever is your product.

The Affiliate Bootcamp training courses are designed to promote specifically money making, working from home online businesses, like Wealthy Affiliate.

Then there are Life classes to take for free, not a must. Lots of Video trainings and Tutorial trainings, Live Discussions and much more.


Here comes the heart of Wealthy Affiliate, the community itself. I am sure there is no other program, site or even product out there who can say the same. If you are struggling with anything help is only a mouse click away. And this goes 24/7, 365 days. support

This alone is totally awesome.

There are Live Chats where you can join and ask a question. Then, there is a section where you can write down a specific question and someone will answer it very quickly. Then, you have the opportunity in expressing yourself by writing a blog post, reading other member’s blog posts, and by doing so you will be surprised what you can discover to enhance your knowledge.

Only the sky is the limit.

 But, the most beautiful of all is the fact that both owners, Kyle & Carson are also a big part of the community too. You can find them answer your question or even chat with them. Kyle even helped me to narrow it down what domain name I should choose to create my website. I was very thankful for his help and it gave me confidence that I did the right thing.

So, everything is possible here at Wealthy Affiliate.


The Starter Membership is FREE, so feel free to join here, it will cost you zero.

The Premium Membership has an introduction price of $19 for one month. So, with $19 you can see for yourself for a whole month what the Premium Membership can give you. After this month the monthly fee will be $49 + Tax and if you go yearly you will pay $359 + Tax.

Whatever fits your budget and/or suits you best for your needs and interest you will find it here at Wealthy Affiliate. No pressure.

My final Opinion

Something odd happened when I joined Wealthy Affiliate, I didn’t know how I got there :).

Seriously, I can’t remember how I have found this wonderful site, but I am so glad that I did. I had no prior knowledge about online marketing and how to pursue a successful online career.

I burned my fingers a few times until I joined Wealthy Affiliate. Now I am on my way to achieve my goals and dreams with the help of Wealthy Affiliate.

Try it out for yourself, you might like it. 🙂

But please don’t take just my word for it, Read this! too.

Please leave a comment below and ask me questions. I like to help where ever I can.

Wishing you always the Best there is.

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Author: Sylvia M.

Sylvia M. is a certified Holistic Energy Practitioner and started to work with alternative healing modalities like Reiki and Body Talk when she was still working as a Geriatric Nurse. However, to look after her ailing husband she had to make the decision and to leave the outside workforce. She is now working from home have learned the ABC of Affiliate Marketing through the platform Wealthy Affiliate. Sylvia is determined to give every "stay home woman" the same opportunity so they can too earning money from home.

26 thoughts on “My 2015 Wealthy Affiliate Review”

  1. As a Wealthy Affiliate member of almost 2 years, I can attest to the fact that their training works and their community is even better.

    It’s easily the best online business platform I’ve come across, and t’s not rare to see the owners, Kyle and Carson, interacting within the community. You just don’t see that out of any other program.

    Everyone in the community is there to help – it’s a true “pay-it-forward” mentality. I hope others take your advice and try it out for free.

    1. Thanks Mathew for your comment.

      I am glad that you too can justify to this great Online Marketing Platform which Wealthy Affiliate is.


  2. I found out about Wealthy Affiliate from a website showing how to avoid scams, I believe to have been by Kyle. Though, I’ve already come across millions of Wealthy Affiliate reviews, but it’s pretty much true what they all say, it’s good to have an effecient working program like Kyle and Carson’s, and not paying outragous $900-type prices.

    1. Yes you are so right!

      I am here for over a year now and its get never bored, so much to learn and such an awesome community too.

      Wealthy Affiliate is great and for people who really looking for a great online platform to promote hemselves and their business.

  3. Awesome review. The format is very easy to follow and the information is very well thought out and explained throughout the post. I appreciate the level of research to done before hand to get out quality content like this. Thank you for the great review and I make sure to share with y friends.

  4. Hello Sylvia , no matter how many WA reviews I have read there is always something new to discover.

    But I wonder what you mean by saying you might have to schedule time for your loved ones.

    Now as a member of WA I have to say that you described the most important features of this awesome community.All the tools , training and the support help anyone to build and rank a website the right way.

    Have you ever thought that is something incomplete in this platform?…Are there any information missing or anything you want to see improved?

    Thanks for a nice read , good luck with your business

    1. As a woman, a wife, a mother and grandmother, trust you have to schedule time for your loved ones. sitting for hours at the computer isn’t always an option. We women still have lots of responsibilities on side, which others wouldn’t see as such. 🙂

      Is there something incomplete here at Wealthy Affiliate? I wouldn’t think so to be honest ,since I am still relatively new here (1 year) I also couldn’t make this judgment call.

      However, I also do believe that there is always room for improvement in any area. I certainly will keep my eyes open.

      Thank you for your comment and questions. 🙂


  5. As a member of Wealthy Affiliate I admit that one of the cons of being a member of this community and working online is the loss of time when working at the site. But it’s not about being a member of WA because if you choose online business, online career, you need to realize that working for success requires a lot of time and in the first year at least and you have to focus on your business and it will pay off later.

  6. hi there,
    you’ve done a great review of wealthy affiliate. The site looks great and the content is easy to understand, I like the comical pictures as well. The bullet points make it lot easier to see the benefits you get when joining. The two biggest things that make wealthy affiliate stand out from the rest is the free starter membership and two free websites, you’ve got nothing to lose so it worth giving it a shot.

    1. Thank you Adam for your comment on my review of Wealthy Affiliate.

      Great it did has given you an idea of what you can expect when joining this awesome online marketing platform.


  7. Hi Sylvia

    Great Review! But, I just have a couple of questions. You mention that you get one-on-one training for the first seven days – is that from the owners Kyle & Carson?
    Also if you join premium, can you cancel your membership at anytime if you change your mind?

    I have been burnt a few times and am just making sure that it doesn’t happen again.

    I must say that your review of Wealthy Affiliate is well done and has me thinking.

    Thank You


    1. Hi Sheri,

      One-on-one means in the first 7 days you have full access to all the trainings available, chat asking questions and write a blog post. After these 7 days you only will have access to the main training as promoted, anything else will be off limits, until you join and become a premium member.

      Yes, you can cancel your premium membership anytime!

      Hope this has helped you to make a decision


  8. Hey

    great post I enjoyed reading it very much. i like the way you write it is easy for me to understand. you seem to know a great deal and are well informed.

    I have heard of wealthy affiliate before and am just doing some research i think you have covered most of my concerns, i have heard information overload can be a bit of a problem how do you think a new comer should take bypass that problem ?

    I appreciate you writing this post and sharing it this with us thanks, I have learned some valuable lessons and no doubt others have to.

    Thank you


    1. Hi Jack,

      Great question of yours in how to bypass information overload. I have to be honest that there isn’t relly a formula in how to avoid this.

      Every person is different and also takes different actions and learn differently.

      I would say from my experience, that the Wealthy Affiliate community helped me a lot to sort things out, more suitable to my needs, goals and aspirations.

      Hope that helped a bit.:)


  9. I agree with everything you wrote here! I’m also a member of Wealthy Affiliate, and have been for awhile now. I’m not going anywhere anytime soon, and I’m not even looking for “the next best thing” anymore. Wealthy Affiliate is really all anyone who wants to generate an online income needs. There is probably more information available through the training modules than I will ever have time to read/watch — of course, the fact there seems to be new training available every single day has a lot to do with that.

    The big thing for me, however, is the community. As you said, the community truly is the heart of Wealthy Affiliate. You have a question? Someone has an answer and they so freely and generously give of their time and knowledge just to make sure you have what you need to reach your goals. I’ve never seen anything like it elsewhere, and it keeps me coming back!

    1. Kae, i do so agree in what you saying. Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform to learn online marketing and to start and grow your business.

  10. Hi Sylvia your website looks fresh and easy to read and understand. the traffic coming to your site will feel absolutely safe in joining WA. I think more women should start working from home and still look after the home, instead of going out and leaving their family in somebody else hands. WA is the way to go. Well done Sylvia keep it up. Thank you

    1. Hi Belinda,

      Thank you so much for your kind words, and I also do agree that a woman who has to, or wants to stay at home can still launch a career from there too.

      Glad to know that I am not the only one who sees it that way.

      And YES, Wealthy Affiliate is the right and the secure way to go for working from home too.


  11. I thought your website was very appealing to your niche audience. It dealt with plenty of great blogs on helping relevant to your specialist area. The pages and posts are presented great and are well constructed. You seem to truly care for your readers by the amount of time you put into research to give them all the info they would need for selecting their products. I give you a 10 out of 10.

  12. Hi Sylvia, what a great review! All those get-rich scams out there can really make you lose faith in Internet-marketing and prevent you from even trying things out. So good knowing there are good sites to connect with.
    Regards, Kristina

    1. Hi Kristina,
      Thank you so much for your comment. Yes, we have to be careful, but I am happy that there is Wealthy Affiliate. I was burnt many times before, since I am with Wealthy Affiliate not anymore. 🙂

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