Online Business Ideas for Stay at Home Women

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If I look things up on the internet about online business ideas for stay at home women, I do find all kinds of phrases referring to only one thing “stay at home Moms”.

This isn’t however, my main goal, of creating a website. Successful women working from home are not just “Moms”, although I do agree that they have the biggest percentage of all “stay at home women”

stay at home mom

I like to show you now, that there are certainly lots of online business ideas out there for stay at home women, no matter what their reasons are, to begin with.

Here is a short overview:

  • Online Marketing
  • External Company Chef
  • Freelance Writer/Editor
  • Teacher
  • Fitness Coach/Personal Trainer
  • Massage-/Physiotherapist
  • Certified Holistic Energy Practitioner

This is only a small selection of what you can do to work successfully from home. Let us take a closer look what you can do working from home with one of these careers.


online marketing

Online marketing is booming for the last 10 years and it is still getting stronger on a daily basis. If you are doing your research on the internet you will see how many possibilities and opportunities you can find to earn money from home and this can be very overwhelming, to say the least.

If you are doing your research on the internet you will see how many possibilities and opportunities you can find to earn money from home and this can be very overwhelming, to say the least.

Although many of them are legit but very costly too, you also will discover lots of scam websites as well. Detecting them as such may be sometimes very difficult to do and can cost you lots of money, which you won’t probably seeing anymore.

The only legit alternative I really know of is WEALTHY AFFILIATE.

This Online Marketing website has two great owners Carson & Kyle.

kyle & carson-wealthy affiliate-

Two wonderful inspired entrepreneurs who have created this website with an idea to give other people the same opportunity they had, to create a successful online business right from scratch.

Even to this day, they will help every newbie who has a question or need a helping hand.

And don’t think they still need to do this. NO, they don’t. But they want to because they still believe in what they doing and this is unique nowadays.

The best thing of all to have an online marketing business is this, you only need two things to be equipped with in working from home: 

  1.  An Internet Access
  2.  A Computer or Laptop
  3.   A Telephone with Voice Mail or Answering Machine

That’s it and you are ready to go!!!


The word external can stand for a person who is “officially” employed by a company but instead working at the company’s cafeteria will create the meals, like Lunch or Dinner in their own kitchen. This also will mean the meals have to be delivered too.

chef at home

You also can find a company or a business by advertising your services and make your own contract.

This kind of work will let stay you at home, in your familiar surrounding with your favorite and beloved kitchen gadgets.

 If you are a Chef by trait take your time and think about this opportunity. Read more here


writing from home

As a freelance writer/editor, you are certainly working free from your home office. Perhaps you are freelancing for different magazines or newspapers.

If you are not doing it right now but are being passionate about writing and being good at the language, style, and grammar you are writing in then go for it.

Write some Essays or Articles and send them out. You have to start somewhere.


Being a teacher these days may still have its highlights but many teachers aren’t so sure anymore if this is the right job for them.

Without going into political terms there can be certainly an alternative.

teacher at home

In North America Homeschooling certainly is a free choice every parent can make. Being a teacher makes it even easier.

Why not announcing in your community that you are willing to provide schooling for certain subjects and grades.

If you have already an educational degree but aren’t able (or won’t) to work from a school, there is your opportunity.

Read more here


personal trainer

If you have a degree or been certified to assist/coach people in physical education then this is another opportunity to work from home.

If you can dedicate a room in your home just for this purpose is certainly a requirement. You also may need some training equipment and a proper place to store them.

Make yourself known to the community.


masssage therapyHaving a degree in massage-/physiotherapy certainly, will give you lots of opportunities to work from home.

You can decide how many clients you will see per day and schedule it accordingly, so you have enough time to focus on your other responsibilities as well.

A steady room for your work is all you need and if you can make this possible nothing should stop you from pursuing it.


reiki healing

In this category, I have to put myself into it too.

I am a certified Reiki practitioner, a certified Body Talk Practitioner, Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner and a Law of Attraction Practitioner.

You don’t need to have as many Certification as I do but have at least one. You also can be a certified Reflexologist or a Herbalist, whatever is your personal niche, you can work with them from home.

Have a room where you can welcome your clients in a safe environment and perform your services undisturbed.

For this last group of possibilities to work from home here is a wonderful book called

Healer’s Digest, A Guide for Healers & Healers to beby K.S. Lamperts

The author writes about her own struggle to form a successful business from home at a time where all this wasn’t very common.

Perhaps it may give you some ideas and can help you to establish your own business from home.

Whatever you do decide you can make it happen. Just believe in yourself

I certainly do. 🙂

If you have more questions please feel free to leave a comment below.

Yours truly


Be & Stay Empowered!

10 thoughts on “Online Business Ideas for Stay at Home Women

  1. Hi Sylvia,
    Thanks for elaborating on some of the ways women who prefer working from home can earn an income. I agree that one needs to be wary of online marketing scams but there are legitimate ones like Wealthy Affiliate where people can get training on how to earn income. Another way that you didn’t mention was life coach, which I’ve heard is another growing business that can be done from on’s own home.

    1. Yes, Life Coaching is also a wonderful business being conducted from home. I actually doing it too.

      I am still on the lookout for more business opportunities which can be operated easily from home. My aim is to show women, or anyone, who is considering working from home, that it is possible to do so. 🙂

  2. I love working from home as a writer, editor, blogger and nutrition coach, but I’ve also buit some structure into my week. I consult to companies and clients which gets me out of the house two mornings a week, otherwise I would voluntarily chain myself to my keyboard all day, every day. Having a platform like Wealthy Affiliates on which to build your sites, and the community feedback is what attracted me to join. I love being my own boss – it’s quite a change from working in a surgery and in hospitals, but I can get more health and nutrition messages out to more people by creating my own websites than I could by sitting in a clinic and seeing maybe 12 clients a day. I like your description that successful women work from home! Our numbers are increasing!

    1. Thank you Dr. Sarah Brewer,

      It is always a pleasure to be validated that working from home isn’t a myth.

      I too love working from home and certainly go out of the house on a regular basis. this too, of course, is very important.

  3. Hi Sylvia
    “Working from home” is certainly becoming a more attractive and realistic option for many people – women in particular. I know the flexibility to combine work and family is what has drawn me to home business opportunities. As you mentioned there are so many options out there but it is important to pick something you are passionate about and not just something you think will make you a lot of money and quickly. As you said, there are a number of scams out there that can catch the unwary traveller – I guess if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.

    1. You are right Amy,
      It is important to pick a profession you are passionate about and will keep in the long run. You also will build a reputation for yourself too.
      Everything you do to have a successful busines needs some time and patience, or it is, as you said too, just too good to be true.

  4. Hello Sylvia!

    Thanks for the great information provided!
    I’m working from home for a company but I’m looking into options to have my own financial independence and freedom. Some of the options you describe here sound great.
    I guess it’s about believing it’s possible, once I totally do, things will fall into place and I’ll be financial independent in no time!


    1. You are very welcome! Glad you have found my article useful and inspiring to delve into the possibility of working from home.

      There is really no limit to what you can do being successful by working from home.

      Let your personal juices (ideas) flow.

      Wishing you good luck!! 🙂


  5. Working from the comfort of your own home can be a reality, because of the internet and social media. Many person are experiencing what is means to work from home and all the benefits that comes from owning and online business. Wealthy affiliate has provided a great business model inwhich this can happen all it takes is persons taking the first step and following through and the rest is history. Thanks for sharing this most valueable information. All the best to you and have a good day.

    1. Thank you, Norman for commenting on this article. It is also nice to see that Wealthy Affiliate is already known so well and yes, it really has a great business model for everyone.


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