Online Business Ideas for Staying at Home Women

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First, you have to decide what is your Passion!women-with-ambiton

Here are a few possibilities what could be your passion and could be a niche for a home-based business:

  • External Company Chef
  • Freelance Writer/Editor
  • Teacher
  • Fitness Coach/Personal Trainer
  • Massage-/Physiotherapist
  • Certified Reiki Practitioner and more

niche-a-group-of-peopleBut, what is a Niche?

A niche is nothing else but a group op people who share the same interest and therefore are in the market of finding the right stuff what they are looking for. Read more about what is a niche here.

sylvia-image2Get to know Me and read about my Story

My name is Sylvia and I worked as a Geriatric nurse for over 20 years, doing day & night shifts, working long weekend hours until my husband’s health started to decline and I was needed at home.

There it was that I started looking online for something I could do again, but doing it of course from home.

Looking around online made me hopeful and I sometimes thought I would have found what I was looking for.

But, I am being honest with you when I say I have burnt my fingers more than once with so called “Get Quick Rich” scams, and I almost lost hope.

wealthy affiliateWealthy Affiliate changed my Life for the Better

When I finally found Wealthy Affiliate I knew immediately I found the right place. Wealthy Affiliate is an online marketing platform where you will learn:

  • Setting up your own Website
  • Learn to specify your niche for optimum audience target
  • Learn proper use of Keyword research
  • Learn to create & write awesome content
  • Have 24/7 Support
  • And an awesome community where other WA members will engage with you & help you along the way to your online success

I must say, when I started out with Wealthy Affiliate, I was a total Greenhorn. Now I know how to create an awesome website for my group of interest and can help others to do the same.

And so can You!

One Word of Caution!no-get-rich-quick

If you are looking for a “Get Rich Quick” scheme or making money overnight, or less in a day, than don’t bother reading any further.

Because, creating a successful business needs something from you, like:

  • Dedication
  • Determination
  • Focus
  • Knowledge about your Niche
  • Willing to learn and going the extra mile
  • And… lots of patience

If you can’t come up with these things, or at least being open to it, there will be less to none success. So, choose wisely.

I hope, I could awaken your interest in starting your own online business and please remember, I am here for you if you have questions.

Feel free to leave a comment below or just Contact Me.

Wishing you always an outstanding day!


Be & Stay Empowered!

14 thoughts on “Online Business Ideas for Staying at Home Women

  1. Hi, Sylvia!!
    As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I can just say that their program is an incredible one, maybe the best I’ve ever found on Affiliate Marketing!
    They take you through the whole prosses, from a newbie to being an expert marketer!
    They will help you build your website, and get you to the top of Google rankings, and everything you need to make money online as an affiliate marketer.
    I highly recommend the program for everyone who is willing to put in the time and work to join Wealthy Affiliate.
    Thanks for your great review,

    1. Hi Chanan,

      Thanks for your comment on my article and also the internet platform Wealthy Affiliate I am using.

      I certainly do agree with you that by joining Wealthy Affiliate everyone will get the correct, up-to-date and usuable information and tool they need to be successful with an online based business.

      I am really happy that you stopped by and taking your time, appreciated. 🙂


  2. Very straight to the point. I like how simple you wrote this one. And it is true that Wealthy Affiliate is the best source of knowledge if you want to start Online Marketing Business. Kyle and the community has done a great job on helping each other. I find it more helpful than Google.

  3. Hi Sylvia,
    Like you, I’m a woman looking for something to do at home to add to our family income. I’m a stay at home mom to two busy toddlers, and I’d like to be able to grow some sort of business to the extent that when they’re in school I can work from home, but be there for them during holidays, sick days etc.
    How did you pick the niche of “women working at home”? Did your desire for something yourself lead to a big interest in the whole idea? Or were you just tired of the whole nursing world?

    1. Hi Marlaine,

      Thanks for your comment so appreciated.

      If you go on my website and go to the “About Me” page, there, I will speak about myself and my occupational journey.

      I had a fulfilling nursing career in my country or origin (German) which I knew wouldn’t be possible to reach the same level again here in Canada, too many regulations and rules. lol and I wanted to do something new anyway.

      The idea for this website came becasue of my personal situation and I wanted to share my experience, failures and achievements with the world.

      Also, giving other stay at home women or men the confidence that there are possibilities to become successful by working from home and earn an income which is more then just pocket money.

      All the best to you


  4. Hello Sylvia
    I have really enjoyed your post on jobs women can do from home online.In today`s economy everyone is looking to earn extra income, what with the raising living standards and salaries not increasing.

    As someone looking to get started, you mentioned knowing your niche to start a website, what if one does not have enough knowledge in a field?
    I mean we all know about one thing or the other, but what happens if one does not know enough, can it still work?
    You mentioned lots of patience, what did you exactly mean? how long should I expect to wait till I can start making money with a website should I build one?
    Thanks for sharing, really appreciate.

    1. Thanks for your comment and questions.

      1) Yes, it is important that you choose a niche which you have some good knowledge off and also can build up your knowledge even further. No one is perfect and knows everything but at least have a passion about something you can improve upon.

      The audience always will know when something is poorly researched or presented.

      2) With patience I meant not to expect making it big overnight it takes time to build up your Brand and reputation of becoming an authority of your chosen niche. But in the end it is really worth it, 🙂

      Wishing you all the best to excel.


  5. Hy Sylvia,
    Its fantastic you have found a great program that allows you to be at home to help your husband, but still pursue a passion and an income. Lucky for you, you discovered this awesome Wealthy Affiliate platform. After so much rubbish and people just upselling in other programs, it is refreshing to know WA is a great place to be, to build a website and for the support as well. All the very best!
    Cheers, Sharon

    1. Thanks, Sharon for your comment and insight it is so appreciated, and yes, to be with Wealthy Affiliate has made a difference in my life. I certainly won’t look back. 🙂

  6. I appreciate wealthy affiliate for everything that it has done for me. It really has taught me all of the ins and outs of affiliate marketing, and it truly is the place to be. I am glad that you have found success with Wealthy Affiliate Sylvia, I am hoping that much more will as well.

    1. Thanks, Jacob for your comment and wishes, it is so appreciated and I do believe that everyone too can achieve any success they want when they know what they want and work towards it.

  7. Hi Sylvia,
    Great post. I love it that you are empowering women around the world to make a difference to their lives. And with Wealthy Affiliate there certainly is a fantastic opportunity for both women and men, of all ages, to become truly successful through the power of affiliate marketing. yes it is hard work, and not for the work-shy, but if you’re happy to put in the time, then there’s no reason why anyone can’t make a success of it.
    Thanks again for sharing. Really helpful.

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