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The Series: How to Run a Business from Home Part Two -Homeschooling-

Be & Stay Empowered!

If you have thought about to offer to homeschool for other children than your own, you have actually thought very well. This certainly can be a business opportunity for you when working from home.


First, give it some good Thoughts and do your Research

When you know that homeschooling other people’s kids are that what you want and you feel confident enough by doing so, then go for it.

Note by the Author:  I do know that here in North America it is possible and even allowed to homeschool your child. However, there a certainly different requirements, rules and regulation in how to do it. This may differ from province or state and sometimes also from municipalities. If you are determent by offering homeschooling, do your research in the region you are living in. Ask questions first.

For a better understanding of what does it take to do homeschooling, especially other children, I use the information applying to the Province of Ontario Canada.

How is it done in the Province of Ontario?

To be an educational daycare provider or a full-day tutor, you are living in a “no reporting” area when you live in Ontario. What does it mean?

It means, that in the Province of Ontario you are very lucky because the only step you have to do when homeschooling your own child is to write a letter of intent to the local school board you belong too. Continue reading The Series: How to Run a Business from Home Part Two -Homeschooling-

Be & Stay Empowered!