Why Wealthy Affiliate is the best Choice for Women to work from Home

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Well, first and foremost, I am a woman and I do work from home and I am also a member of Wealthy Affiliate, the best choice I ever made business wise.

Women stay at home for several reasons and therefore should have the opportunity to create and develop a business, which is suitable for their needs, skills, and abilities. The question would be in how to do it? Continue reading “Why Wealthy Affiliate is the best Choice for Women to work from Home”

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How to Create a Website

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 How to Create a Website?wordpress-website

First, you need to find a reliable, non-expensive, Website Hosting Platform like:

  • WordPress
  • Wix
  • GoDaddy and more

Most of these hosting platforms have a Free Website option, which is always good when you are just starting out because there are No Costs involved.

website-themeFinding the Right Website Theme

There are thousands of website themes you can choose from, but when you go with the Free website option and not a paid one, you will have limited access, meaning, you only can choose from a half a dozens or so.

Which is still pretty good, though. Continue reading “How to Create a Website”

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Why do Women stay at Home?

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Why do women stay at home and what is the most reason for this? The answer in many cases would be due to pregnancy, childbirth and raising children. Here are some statistics from www.infoplease.com

 How many Stay-at-Home Moms does America have?

According to infoplease.com, about 5 Million in married-couple family groups in 2013. 24% of married-couple family groups are with children under 15 years of age. This number went up by 3% from 21% in 2000. Continue reading “Why do Women stay at Home?”

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