The Series: How to Run a Business from Home Part Four -Teaching Online-

globel teaching

Here is another opportunity to earn money from home by teaching online, or also called tutoring. You might be a teacher, but can’t have or won’t have children being taught in your home.

online teaching

Here is an opportunity you might haven’t thought of it as a business just yet. Perhaps you are very good in one or more subjects like i.e. English, History or Geography.

Nowadays, more and more children are struggling not being able to follow the regular teaching hours at school and might be left behind making them feel discouraged and sometimes it also contributes to low self-esteem and low self-confidence.


Teachers sometimes can only do so much to help, depending on their class size and other obstacles.  And parents, most of the time both are working, can’t find enough time to help their child either.

Here is where you come into the picture

Being already a teacher, staying at home, or a person who does can offer the necessary skills to help a child to catch-up with the school curriculum, this is the part where to offer online teaching.

When I have done some research on it (and I encourage you to do the same as well), I have found some websites where “professional” teaching is offered.

But, there is so far to my knowledge, no law who does forbid to tutor a child as a private person and not belonging to a professional teaching organization.

But, if you are actually considering to be hired as an online teacher through one of these online organizations, then please do a thorough research on it before committing yourself.globel teaching

Offering your services and what you should keep in mind

First, make a list what you can offer as an online teacher? What are your skills, where are you familiar with?

When you are promoting yourself, don’t hide your credentials. People like to know what you can do for their child to help it to succeed.

Here are some pointers:

  • What kind of subject(s) can you offer
  • What Grade(s) you want/can you teach
  • Are you up to date with the school curriculum
  • How many hours a day you are willing, or can you teach online

These are just a few basic thoughts you might have first cleared up before putting an add into place.

How is online teaching done?

Well, there is not much to talk about it really. The most common media used is the platform Skype.

Both teacher and student meet at a scheduled time and can see and hear each other in real-time.

The second option could be through email, where teacher and student are not online at the same time and do communicate “only” through email messages.

This kind of teaching, I for myself, would only choose for older children/students who are comfortable with this teaching not being one-on-one.

Good equipment is in order when using Skype

If you are tutoring in real-time using the platform of Skype, then having a good and a stable internet connection is an absolute must have. Nobody loves to be suddenly interrupted by an unstable internet connection.

A good external microphone gives a clearer sound when talking than a headset who offers both.

This, of course, is a personal preference of mine.

I have tested many headset combos and have found that the sound and also getting my voice across the ether isn’t so good than having an external microphone.

online lessons

How much should you charge?

Do your research for sure, but charging $25-$35 per hour isn’t overcharged at all.

I hope, I have given you another possibility how you can work and establish a home-based business.

The ball is always in your court and only you know what does or can work best for you and your personal situation.

Wishing you always the best 🙂

Please feel free, to leave a comment below.

Have you done online teaching before and perhaps like to share your experience?

I like to hear from you.

Wishing you always an outstanding day!

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Author: Sylvia M.

Sylvia M. is a certified Holistic Energy Practitioner and started to work with alternative healing modalities like Reiki and Body Talk when she was still working as a Geriatric Nurse. However, to look after her ailing husband she had to make the decision and to leave the outside workforce. She is now working from home have learned the ABC of Affiliate Marketing through the platform Wealthy Affiliate. Sylvia is determined to give every "stay home woman" the same opportunity so they can too earning money from home.

6 thoughts on “The Series: How to Run a Business from Home Part Four -Teaching Online-”

  1. I can see this….teaching online. My son has done tutoring online with live instructors. Mostly college students looking to make some extra money. But it works, and it is much cheaper than having someone come to our home which we have done as well. I think that it has been just as effective as the face-to-face that he has done.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment and insight in this matter.

      I certainly do appreciate the fact when people can confirm, what I try to communicate with the audience in my articles, that it is indeed possible to work online, full time, from home. 🙂


  2. I have heard about online teaching as a way to make money online. This could be great for experienced teachers who have been made redundant, for example. In fact, when the educational charity I used to work for made some teachers redundant, I did suggest this line of work to some of them but they ended up getting others jobs anyway.

    I can imagine it would be a goo way to help students with their homework and projects by offering feedback and suggestions for how they can improve their work.

    1. Thank you Marcus, for your comment and valuable insight on this topic.

      I am always pleased to see people confirm my thoughts on how a business can be successfully conducted from home.


  3. This is a very new concept for me. Although I am a big fan of online tutoring, I am a bit reserved when getting younger kids to do the same.

    I feel that there are too many distraction on the internet and it might make them less focused on what they need to learn. From your experience, is there a recommended age that you would prefer for students to adopt this mode of learning?

    1. Hi Cathy,

      Thank you for your time to comment on this topic and your question.

      I do not believe that online tutoring will be too distractive and less focused for the student. I actually do believe it will be the other way around.

      Learning online is an one-on-one situation where the teacher, as well the student, will have each others fullest attention, because of low to non distraction In their surrounding.

      My personal recommendation for tutoring/schooling children online, from home, would be from grade 5 to 12, but this is a personal preference, not an official guidline.


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